EPISODE 13: Dustin has been stuck in the office and working extra hours to have the rut off, but manages to get out and do some work. After pulling the trail cameras and seeing a few times a buck he named Hooligan, he decided to hang a new set in the evening after a quiet morning in the blind.

EPISODE 12: The boys set out to Maryland for the 2018 Archery Opener and met the storm while they were down there. Sleeping in tents and trying to hunt through a thunder and lightning storm, it pays off big for Dustin. This is the first time the new DIY Walk-IN Deer Cooler made it's debut and it worked great.

EPISODE 11: The boys set out for the New York opener of the 2018 Goose Hunting Season. Beat to their spot by another group, they come up with Plan B...which we now know "B" Stands for "BANDS". The first volley leaves the crew with 6 birds all sporting 6 bands.

EPISODE 10: Dustin heads to Nebraska to join Cabela's for a turkey hunt. Day 1 he encountered a lot of walking and saw a handful of birds. This episode we look at the evening of Day 2 when Dustin misses a bearded hen with his bow, gets bored sitting in the ground blind and takes a shot on a long beard from above.

EPISODE 9: Dustin heads to Nebraska to join Cabela's for a turkey hunt. Day 1 he encountered a lot of walking and saw a handful of birds. This episode we look at the morning of Day 2 when Dustin nearly falls down a hillside several times to try to close the distance on some sleeping turkeys.

EPISODE 8: Chris takes the morning chasing some birds around a farm that his family leases and they just don't seem to want to cooperate. He grabs his scoot 'n' shoot and looks to locate some long beards. After finding some on the other end of the farm, he straps the GoPro to the decoy and makes the move.

EPISODE 7: Cole knocks on a neighbors door and asks for permission to hunt after seeing several birds on the neighboring property every night. The farmer granted the guys permission and it worked out well. Several birds came down off the roost but two decided to be fooled by the decoy set up.

EPISODE 6: The Gobbler Beat Down continues. After already being successful at this spot in Maryland just a few days earlier (See Other Videos), Dustin heads back to try to get one with his bow. Watch as he solo-hunts and uses the Quietkat to pack all of his gear, including camera equipment, to try to get it done.

EPISODE 5: Dustin's Dad, and brother in-law, Tim, are in town for the weekend and spend the morning laying down two long beards. Two Toms come right in off the roost and make for some solid action.

EPISODE 4: Thayer & Dustin and their buddy Connor get to a new farm in Montgomery County, Maryland. The guys seen two birds in full strut the day before, so they decided to try to capitalize on it today. Only thing was, Thayer didn't have his gun ready and Connor had no shot.

EPISODE 3: The Gobbler Beat Down has began and the guys kick it off in Maryland finding things a little difficult to capitalize on the first day. Follow us Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/TopPinOutdoors Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TopPinOutdoors

EPISODE 2: What a day! Everything started out great and then it seems as though everything was falling apart. But dedication, a little macgyver fix of the pump/sprayer and a pen saves the day.

EPISODE 1: The first step and most crucial to any successful food plot is the soil sample. Dustin takes us to the farm to take some soil samples with the Whitetail Institute Soil Sample Kit.