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Burleigh County, ND (Private Land)

Name: Finn Dockter

Hometown: Valley City, ND

Date of Harvest: September 15, 2018

Weapon: Bow

Story: This was the first deer that my 9 year old has harvested. After he shot we waited for 30 minutes before we started tracking. I let my son take the lead and in less then 10 minutes and about 50 yards he tracked and found the deer. He made a great shot.


Montgomery County, MD (Private Land)

Name: Dustin Prievo

Hometown: Carthage, NY

Date of Harvest: September 7, 2018

Weapon: Bow

Story: This buck came in at last light. I was very hesitant to shoot him but with such a busy schedule and never having shot a velvet buck before, I decided to take the shot at 10 yards. He went less than 100 yards. A great way to start the season with it all self-filmed.


Monroe County, NY (Public Land)

Name: Joe Sparacino

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Date of Harvest: November 5, 2017

Weapon: Bow

Story: We were doing a bow drive with the boys from Top Pin Outdoors. Before the drive began, this 8 point buck came out from the bottom and I shot him with my bow. Great time and a great memory.

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