5 Must Have Items for Those Who Hunt with Dogs

As any houndsman would know, the list of equipment they use is a mile long. As a hunter who runs rabbits and bear with multiple dogs, we were able to put together the five most crucial items we use.

These items can make you a little bit more efficient when it comes to hunting with dogs. There is nothing like a good dog, but if it's more work than anything, you will find you may not be enjoying it as much as you could.

1. Garmin Alpha 100 

Discount Dog Fence

Discount Dog Fence

The Garmin Alpha 100 is a great tool when running your hounds. It allows you not only to track your dogs while the using the GPS collar, but train them as well. The Alpha 100 has a shock collar that can pull your dog off deer or anything else that may get them distracted. The collars used with the Alpha are the TT-15 and TT-15 Mini which have a nine and four mile radius. 


2. onX HUNT 



The onX HUNT chip in a must for your Garmin. This mini-SD card allows you to pull up property lines while keeping an eye on your dogs. I prefer the card over the app while running my dogs as I am already looking at my GPS to track my dogs, I can keep an eye on the property boundaries to ensure I and my dog, are not trespassing. The app that is available, makes your smart phone a wealth of information. It includes all the same features as the mini-SD card so if you aren't capable of getting it for your GPS, you can at least pull it up on your phone.

3. TufFlex Chain Tree Lead.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.52.21 AM.png


This is a great lead to have whether you're running beagles for snowshoes or walkers on bears. This is lead is six foot long and works great as a standard leash. It can help a great amount in keeping your hound tied up while treed. The ring-in main body allows you to wear it over your shoulder rather than rolled up in your pocket, which is my favorite feature.

4. Gunner Kennel 

A good dog box can make or break your day of hunting. Gunner Kennel produces a light-weight rotomolded plastic kennel. With a lifetime warranty and being made in America, the gunner kennel has been tested hard and proven to last.

5.Scent Crusher


Last but not least Scent Crusher ozone gear bag is a must. Everyone knows how many hard sweaty miles you travel while hunting over hounds. This bag provides an easy and effective way of eliminating odor on your gear.

Of course, scent control is important, but just as important, the reason I mostly use my Scent Crusher Duffle Bag, is so I wash my clothes less. This allows my gear to last longer. Let's also be honest, it's a lazy mans way of washing his clothes. Ozone is designed to kill the bacteria that causes odors, but it kills all the bacteria, therefore, I throw my gear in my bag, run the ozone generator and while that is running, I'm having a cold one with the guys. Call me lazy or call me smart!