Best Shotgun For Waterfowl Hunter's on a Budget

With as expensive as waterfowl hunting can be, we share a shotgun that can get you the best bang for your buck.

Waterfowlers know shotguns tend to be expensive. Why though? Why have shotgun prices gone through the roof the last ten years?

Is it because they are the "newest and best available”?

Was it the popularity with duck commander brands, beards, and “boom boom boom”?

Most people think you get what you pay for but when it comes to shotguns, I’m not sure if that is always the case. Yesterday, while I was looking for toothpaste in Walmart, somehow I ended up in sporting goods section. Of course, we know that the dental hygiene products are no where near the sporting goods so I'll just say I got lost on my way to checkout.

walmart shotgun.jpg

Anyway, I was holding a $269 12-gauge Remington 870 express shotgun. No, it didn’t shoot 3.5 inch but right next to the Express was the Super Mag and that does shoot 3.5-inch shells. The price for the Super Mag was only $329.

I thought to myself why aren’t these the most popular guns or most desired?

They go “boom, boom, boom”. They are user friendly, reliable, and cost next to nothing. For $269 what other shotgun can you buy? Honestly a family of four could barely buy groceries for that price. Did I mention there were 12-gauge and 20-gauge models and they are made in USA?

As I continued to look, one rack over sat the infamous Super Black Eagle II or now III which retailed around $1699. Imagine telling your wife you saved $1430 or "it was on sale" for nearly 85% off. It would be insane not to buy it. I don’t recall Black Friday items being 85% off. This is where as a husband we look good in compromise!

Overall, I think the Remington 870 Express should be on every watefowlers' "Must Have" list especially for anyone being on a budget. Whether you are just starting out and do not want to spend a lot or if you are looking for something “new” be sure to grab the next one you see. I've used a Remington 870 Express in the field for several of my waterfowl hunts, I've never left the pond upset and I don't suspect you would either.