Meet The Guys


Dustin Prievo

Age: 31
Nickname: "DJ Prievo"
Hometown: Carthage, NY
Current Town: Felton, PA
Career: Baltimore City Firefighter, Outdoor Writer For Wide Open Spaces, Owner of DJ Prievo Entertainment

Weapon of choice: Xpedition Xplorer SS, Thompson Center Strike, CMMG MK4

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Whitetail Deer & Wild Turkey

Infamous Quote: "You Get It On Film?"


Joe Sparacino

Age: 29
Nickname: "Herb" 
Hometown: Rutland, NY
Career: Journeyman Hotstick Lineman-National Grid, Professional Hunting Guide, Licensed USCG Captain 

Weapon of Choice: "Three Hundo" Browning Xbolt 300WSM with 165gr Hornady SST Leupold 4.5-14x42 CDS 

Favorite Animal to Hunt: The Elusive Big Fat Bright Red Legged, Green Head Triple sometimes Quad Curled...Mallard Duck

Infamous Quote: "F***N Joker Down!"


Cole Paradise

Age: 29
Nickname: "Coley"
Hometown: Carthage, NY
Current town: Carthage, NY
Career: NYS DOT HMW1

Weapon of Choice:
Mathews Creed XS

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Whitetails, Mallards, Wood Ducks

Infamous Quote: "Farmers Gotta Doe Problem"


Garth Raap

Age: 27
Hometown: Cogan Station, PA
Current Town: Cogan Station, PA
Career: Operations Manager for a Commercial Door Fabrication Shop

Weapon of Choice: Hoyt Rampage XT or 300. Wby Mag

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Elk


Chris Sparacino

Age: 31
Nickname: "Chrissy" "Cecil" "Shooter"
Hometown: Carthage, NY
Career: Journeyman Hotstick Lineman-National Grid, Professional Hunting Guide

Weapon of Choice: 
-Remington 870 12 Gauge magnum
-Remington 700 .243
(Both guns my father gave me) 

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Blacks, Green Heads, or Wood Ducks

Infamous Quote: "Put it on Red and Black" & "Over Your Head Bro"


Rusty Pignone

Age: 31
Nickname: "Bucket"
Hometown: Carthage, NY
Career: Assembler/Painter Viking Cives Snowplow Company 

Weapon of Choice:
Mathews Helium
All guns 

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Whitetail Deer, Duck, Squirrel, and Turkey

Infamous Quote: "Seen That Nockturnal hoppin' through the woods" & "40 Pound Skippa"


Jeff Boshart

Name: Jeff Boshart
Age: 29
Nickname: “Boz” or “Boz Man” 
Hometown: Carthage, NY
Current Town: Brewerton, NY
Career: Electrical Designer in Syracuse, NY

Weapon of choice: Elite Z28 Bow

Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail & Waterfowl

Known For: Having the longest running "lucky streak"


Thayer Seely

Age: 22
Nickname: "Bear" "Slayer"
Hometown: Dickerson, MD
Current Town: Dickerson, MD

Weapon of Choice: 
-Matthews Creed XS
-Savage 220 Slug Gun

Favorite Animal to Hunt: Whitetail Deer


Joseph Hetrick

Age: 22
Nickname: "Smiley" "Young Buck"
Hometown: Poolesville, MD
Current town: Poolesville, MD
Career: Montgomery County Firefighter

Weapon of choice: Matthews Creed, Savage 220, Stoeger m3500

Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail, Dove & Duck

Infamous Quote: "Don't Tell Dustin"


John "JP" Paradise

Age: 31
Nickname: "JP" "PP"
Hometown: Carthage NY
Current Town: Carthage, NY
Career: Lineman-National Grid

Weapon of Choice: Mathews Z7

Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail & Waterfowl.

Known For: The Man Behind The "PP Bucks" & Having Largest Record Buck on the team at 157" 


Jimmy Nickoles

Age: 27
Nickname: "Jimmy"
Hometown: Hampstead, MD
Current town: Manchester, MD
Career: Pump Operator at Baltimore City Engine 42

Weapon of choice: Elite Synergy 

Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail Deer

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Mark Jones Jr

Age: 29
Nickname: "Jonesy"
Hometown: Machester, MD
Current town: Westminster, MD
Career: Golf Course Management

Weapon of choice: Hoyt Faktor 34

Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail Deer